Job Openings

Junior AI ML Engineer

Coimbatore, India Full Time

Job Description

We are seeking a dynamic and motivated individual to join our team as a Junior AI/ML Engineer. This entry-level position offers an exciting opportunity for candidates passionate about AI/ML to kickstart their career and gain hands-on experience in developing cutting-edge AI/ML solutions.


  • Assist in the development, implementation, and testing of AI/ML models and algorithms under the guidance of senior team members.
  • Knowledge in generative AI and RAG systems. Utilize GPT 3.5 Turbo or GPT 4 LLMs.
  • Proficiency in Python and its data analysis and machine learning packages.
  • Collect, preprocess, and analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data from various sources.
  • Develop and maintain scalable and efficient machine learning pipelines for model training, evaluation.
  • Proficiency in LangChain and Open LLM frameworks to perform summarization, classification, Name entity recognition, Question-answering.
  • Proficiency in Generative techniques prompt engineering, Vector DB, LLMs such as OpenAI, LlamaIndex, Azure OpenAI, and Open-source LLMs will be important.
  • Hands-on experience in GenAI technology areas including RAG architecture, fine-tuning techniques, inferencing frameworks etc.
  • Expertise in computer image processing, LLM (Low-Level Manipulation), and automotive segments.
  • Conduct thorough testing and validation of machine learning models to ensure reliability, robustness, and scalability.
  • Document code, algorithms, and processes to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration within the team.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions and contribute innovative ideas to enhance the performance and functionality of AI/ML applications.
  • Support data preprocessing, feature engineering, and data visualization tasks to prepare datasets for model training and evaluation.
  • Learn and apply best practices in AI/ML development, including model selection, hyperparameter tuning, and model evaluation techniques.

Education + Experience

  • Bachelor's degree or Master Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field.
  • Solid understanding of fundamental concepts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and statistics with 3 years of experience.


  • PyTorch
  • Langchain
  • LlamaIndex
  • Pinecone
  • Computer vision/Image Processing


  • Comprehensive training and mentorship from experienced AI/ML professionals.
  • Opportunity to work on diverse AI/ML projects spanning various industries and domains.
  • Published on: July 04, 2024
  • Vacancy: 1
  • Employment Status: Full-time
  • Experience: 3 year(s)
  • Job Location: Coimbatore, India